Humanitas Bookshop Cismigiu

Pressure felt by the client was big, the task in question was that this location had to be the flagship bookstore in the line of Humanitas chain stores. Even after five different proposals the client did not find a variant that he would accept. The intervention on site started without a clear vision of the final result, allowing for a sincere approach and an open ending. Decisions were taken on site along with key collaborators in this project, architect Razvan Luscov  and artist Virgil Scripcariu for both graphics and decoration.

Location: Bucharest, Romania
Year: 2012
Client: Humanitas
Phase: Built
Area: 260 sqm

Lights: Virgil Scripcariu
Graphics: Razvan Luscov
M&E Design: Maestro Proiect Design
Photo: Andrei Margulescu